BlinkIn kicks off project with Miele via the TechFounders Start-up Accelerator Program

BlinkIn joins the 13th batch of the TechFounders start-up accelerator program and will be working with Miele as their corporate partner.  

The Munich-based accelerator program, which is one of Europe's leading centers for innovation and start-ups, guides 7 national and international start-ups over the next 20 weeks. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the program will be conducted virtually.

Over 20 weeks, TechFounders will help the batch of startups with individual training and mentoring to prepare for the process of scaling phase and moving on to the next round of financing. The start-ups selected receive a significant boost early on due to the combination of individualized coaching, pilot projects with industry experts, and a vast network of experienced mentors and investors. At the same time, corporate partners can benefit from digitizing and innovating their business models with the help of the start-ups' latest technologies.

Miele and BlinkIn will be conducting a pilot in several countries, introducing visual remote assistance to the Miele service chain. The pilot focuses on raising customer experience and improving efficiency and response times while reducing the number of site visits for selected use cases. 

About UnternehmerTUM – Europe's leading center for innovation and start-ups

UnternehmerTUM is a unique platform for the development of innovations that offers start-ups an all-round service from the initial idea to the IPO, supporting the development of the company, market entry and financing - also with venture capital. 

About Miele

Miele is the world’s leading manufacturer of premium domestic appliances and commercial equipment. Since being founded in 1899 Miele has followed its ‘Immer Besser’ brand promise to become one of the most trusted names in the market. Miele exports products to global markets and is represented in 47 countries.

About BlinkIn

BlinkIn specializes in web-based collaboration for visual and frictionless tech support between company experts and customers. The company was founded in November 2020 in Munich, Germany, with the goal of ‘Giving the World a Help Button’: empowering people to solve technical problems on their own using a visual assistant on their smartphones. 

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