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We are reshaping how people solve problems in the real world, fuelled by our{Multimodal AI}.
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Make{Product Registration} as easy as taking a picture

Streamlining product registration to simply scanning a receipt or serial number will change the way people engage with their products. It eliminates errors from manual data entry, it’s quick and easy for both customers and support teams. Ultimately, we’re matching the interests of product teams and customers in sharing the right data, enhancing the service experience and after-sale efficiency.

Setup Companion

Off to a good start with{AI-assisted} assembly and commissioning flows

Unboxing a new device and using it for the first time is a special moment,     unless it isn't. Many technical challenges arise right at the start with new products, especially from setup errors. Crafting and providing clear interactive step-by-step instructions is key for a fantastic and safe first experience.

Maintenance Companion

Taking care of a product is perfect for {Self-Service} - and we will {show you how}

Maintaining your product for optimal performance is empowering. It ensures longevity and hassle-free use. Replacing flat user manuals with interactive maintenance experiences, will lay the foundation for a lasting connection with valued possessions.

Troubleshooting Companion

Interactive assistance with {Visual Step-by-Step Guidance} for truly instantaneous support

Imagine an application that quickly analyses error codes and warning lights for you, instantly providing easy-to-follow instructions for self-help. That's exactly what our interactive troubleshooting companions do - they offer real-time feedback, backed by multimodal AI, all wrapped in a user-friendly experience.

Human Companion

Find the solution together via {Chat & AR Video Calls} in no time

Even with the most powerful AI assistant, self-service can’t solve every problem. But it’s always a good start because we can extend the companion experience to allow a human expert join for a live collaboration based on what the user has already achieved. Our instant Chat & AR Video Call are designed specifically for action-oriented conversations in the real world so many more challenges can be solved remotely.

Explorer Companion

Make the world{adaptive & accessible} to enable personalised experiences

Following your passions and exploring the world around you becomes a breeze with our solution's multimodal AI capabilities, designed for seamless and enriching personalised experiences. For companies this translates to entirely new brand engagement opportunities assisting users accomplish their goals.

Product Registration

Handle {Product Registration} by scanning {Serial Number}

Simplifying product registration process with the convenience of just scanning product invoice or serial number. This approach minimizes errors associated with manual data entry, saving time for both customers and support teams while enhancing data accuracy. Ultimately, by simplifying the registration process, product manufacturers can significantly improve customer engagement, data quality, and overall post-sale efficiency.

Setup Device with QR

Unboxing your device with a {QR code}

Unbox your device effortlessly with just a quick QR code scan. It unlocks an interactive experience on your mobile browser, guiding you through every step of device setup. No more guesswork, just smooth and straightforward installation right at your fingertips.

Maintenance with AI

Decode Errors with {AI}, Get the {Right Help Right on Time}

AI's here to save the day! It's like having a tech-savvy friend by your side, always ready to decipher those tricky error codes and offer immediate solutions. With AI, you're in control, and your tech hassles are a thing of the past, even if it is the middle of the night.

Troubleshooting on edge

{No App Needed}, Just Troubleshoot {with a Click}

Ditch the app hassle and dive into effortless troubleshooting. With just a simple click, you're on your way to problem-solving without any extra downloads or cluttered phone screens. It's about streamlining your experience, making it all about the solution, not the setup. Access the help you need with ease, right from your browser. Simplify, click, resolve – it's that straightforward!

Guidance — AR Video Call

Say Goodbye to conversations in Dark with {AR Video Calls}

No more navigating the unknown in the dark – now, support agents can see your setup and challenges clearly. You'll receive expert guidance and resolutions that shine a light on your technical hurdles. Illuminate your tech support experience with AR Video Calls, bringing clarity and solutions to the forefront.

Guide your visitors  on–site...

You don’t {need a guide} to understand old architecture and art

No more relying on guidebooks to decipher ancient architecture and art. With our AI guide in your pocket, simply scan what you see during your travels, and we'll provide real-time explanations of your surroundings on demand. Explore with confidence, gaining deeper insights into the historical and artistic wonders you encounter. Let the past come to life as you discover the stories behind the sights, all at your fingertips.

BlinkIn Studio for enterprise creators

Design a seamless end-to-end experience. Not in days — in minutes

Our Blinkin Studio helps you create{companion experiences} from scratch, leverage existing technical content and convert them into easy-to-use, {AI-assisted} step-by-step guides.
BlinkIn Studio for enterprise creators
Enable your team to build companion experiences your users will love

Helping people to help themselves is the best way to relieve your support hotlines and to free up your agents for tasks that require the {human touch}.

WYSIWYG No-Code Editor

Design the steps and logic for your use cases and publish / embed the companions instantly as a web application.

LLM for Content Creation

Convert existing technical content into step-by-step guides which can actually guide users to solve problems by themselves.

Plug-and-Play AI Modules

Add powerful AI skills from our ecosystem to your companions which empower users in real time with interpretation of natural language, audio and video content.

BlinkIn AI for smart automation

The engine empowering creators and users — BlinkIn AI

Our {proprietary Multimodal AI} matches the versatility of use cases in the real world. With 13b parameters it is capable of handling even highly complex scenarios in the creation, execution and augmentation of companion experiences.
Knowledge Gathering & Distillation
Proprietary LLM

13B parameters model in a LLM-agnostic architecture for max adaptiveness, designed for actionable straightforward instructions

Knowledge Base

Combing  Multimodal Learner, Multi-Source Ingestion Engine, Smart Index Builders & Data Augmenters

AI Bot

Multimodal Input / Output Bot as central hub for the optimal self-service experience and interaction for each user request

BlinkIn help desk for enterprise experts

AI Help Desk for hands-on expert support

Human backup is just a click away: our Help Desk combines {AI Bot capabilities} with instant{Chat & AR Video Calls} and extends the self-service companion experience for users seamlessly to personalised expert guidance.
And in case you need a human...
Introducing  BlinkIn Help Desk
Artificial intelligence
With built-in AI Features
AR Video Call
And for the extra mile...
to save you going the physical miles.
BlinkIn FOR THE REAL world
End-to-End Operating System to solve a trillion $ market problem...
the BlinkIn effect for companies
Get more done with BlinkIn AI & Human Companion Experiences to boost your service KPI
up to
reduced touchpoints
reduced time to resolution troubleshooting
reduced number of unpaid on-site visits
"Blinkin is a perfect example of how Stellantis' digital transformation is improving our responsiveness to our customer needs."
Xavier Chéreau
Chief Transformation Officer, Stellantis
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