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Experience an entirely new way of providing support to your customers! Inspect and understand their context and problem at hand in seconds: connect visually to anyone in the world with the BlinkIn Collaboration Canvas.

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Happy Customer Service Agent working at their desk
Image of Blinkin Canvas on Desktop and Mobile Devices.
Start with a Chat
Open Canvas for collaboration
Instant remote support channel just with a link
  • 1
    Invite Multiple Clients
  • 2
    Share Images, Videos up to 500MB
  • 3
    Get Notifications on chat activities
Image of Blinkin Video Call on Desktop and Mobile Devices.
Get your expert eye on site
Specialised Video Call for Tech Support
Start a Video Call from Canvas for  viewing the scene live any time
  • 1
    Guide with On-Screen AR Annotations
  • 2
    Capture HD Images remotely
  • 3
    Pause Live Video stream to go hands-free
Image of Blinkin's Data Requests feature on Desktop and Mobile Devices.
Replace Repetitive Tasks
Tired of Email ping pong?Use Data Request for asking the right questions in the right way
  • 1
    Create Data Request Templates tailored to your support use case
  • 2
    Accelerate evidence collection from customers via SMS
  • 3
    Get offline notifications on your customers' responses
Image of Blinkin's Cases Inbox on Desktop and Mobile Devices.
Manage your Cases
Stay on top of your ongoing support loadDocumentation in one place for all activities and media
  • 1
    Quick access to cases logs
  • 2
    Realtime notification of activities
  • 3
    One tap media view

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