The BlinkIn Approach

The BlinkIn approach to Remote Visual Support has been different from the common video conferencing process that most people are used to. With our collaboration platform, we strive to be a tool which works as simply and as effectively as possible.

Some of BlinkIn’s Design Principles: 

  • Desktop to mobile collaboration on standard devices
  • Web-based experience (i.e. no app download) for instant availability in the moment of need
  • Keep live interactions short, thanks to a combination of asynchronous and synchronous collaboration with video calls as an on-demand interaction mode 
  • Video calls using the smartphone rear camera feed by default
  • Intuitive AR annotations for non-verbal communication

Our customers in the fields of machinery and equipment, insurance and home appliances choose BlinkIn because the Live Video Calls on the platform allows users to:

  • collaborate on a shared task via video with several people just using one device’s back camera stream (focusing on the challenge at hand)
  • use intuitive on-screen drawings for interacting and guiding in real time
  • freeze the video stream and use the phone’s loudspeaker to work hands-free
  • use integrated screen documentation and file sharing via chat to keep calls short
  • communicate face-to-face on demand, e.g. to wrap up a call

And even if there’s no time for a live call or if a client feels live video is too invasive for them, BlinkIn offers an effective visual alternative: asynchronous data requests which enable frictionless exchange of images and videos to get things done. Simply share data requests which contain a template with various fields that prompt the client to fill in the required data and submit it at their convenience.

These features are what make the BlinkIn platform an attractive alternative to standard video conferencing. By focusing on building and improving the platform to facilitate a more asynchronous mode of communication, while also providing the option to revert to more traditional, synchronous modes of communication, we at BlinkIn aim to innovate in the field of remote technical support while keeping in mind the current scenario of the workforce and client requirements in a post-pandemic world driven by virtual collaboration.

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