Huber & Ranner X-CARE leads the way in Tech Support Experience for Air Handling Systems

The Huber & Ranner X-CARE, running on BlinkIn’s Visual Collaboration platform, has been introduced as the new way of delivering excellent customer service remotely.

Huber & Ranner is an internationally renowned manufacturer of high-quality air handling units with over 200 employees, based in Germany, characterized not only by manufacturing excellent product series, but also meeting individual customer requirements with professional requirements. 

The Huber-Ranner brand promises better, faster and more efficient after-sales service, which is also being realized in the customer service aspect through X-CARE: The Augmented Reality Online Service Tool, developed together with BlinkIn; the connection of customers, service, technicians and air handling units. By using augmented reality as an advantage, the customers can connect with experienced staff via X-CARE and access appropriate digital support on site directly, to carry out qualified work without requiring detailed knowledge of the respective systems/devices. The goal is to support customers and partners in all phases of the device lifecycle. The specialists can connect with on-site technicians and guide them as required, simply by staying connected via the technician’s smartphone and using live video and augmented reality. The specialists can also provide guidance and help optimize various maintenance, repair, and support issues more quickly by drawing and placing work instructions directly over the area of focus- all this can be done without the need for any additional app/software installation.

How BlinkIn Worked with Huber & Ranner to Enable Safe Tech-Support in The Corona Outbreak Area-

Huber+Ranner was able to deliver their service to Wuhan on short notice, in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. As a ventilation and air-conditioning specialist from Lower Bavaria, Huber+Ranner took on a truly remarkable project: to provide the air handling and filtering units for the Coronavirus emergency hospitals in Wuhan. The Huoshenshan Hospital is already operative, handling the influx of highly contagious Corona patients, and a second pop-up facility to follow.

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Huber+Ranner relies on BlinkIn Remote Visual Collaboration for their international customer service, via X-CARE. It enables the Huber+Ranner experts to provide tech-support without being physically present at the scene, which now proves to be crucial for the quarantine hospital air handling installation. We are proud of contributing to such impactful projects!

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