How BlinkIn Video Calls can help avoid Zoom Fatigue

Zoom fatigue can be described as a collection of various physical and psychological consequences of several hours of back-to-back video conferencing in the aftermath of moving the workforce into the virtual space in a post-pandemic world. These consequences have lasting effects on one's physical and mental health, well-being, and their ability to remain productive. The effects of Zoom fatigue are very concerning as so many of us have no choice but to work in a virtual environment every day from our homes. But who are we to complain about it amidst a pandemic? 

Still, it is fair to say that day after day of videoconferencing is exhausting and mind-numbing - and very often users are left feeling unproductive at the end of the day.

Additionally, standard video conferencing platforms are not designed to be used advantageously in different, specialised fields like remote technical support, auditing, consulting etc.

How is the BlinkIn Visual Collaboration principle different from standard video conferencing?

BlinkIn Visual Collaboation Standard Video Conference
Audio-video call with shared view of the
smartphone back camera to show
surroundings of the customer (face
cameras only on demand)
Audio-video call for face-to-face
Collaboration and guidance on live camera
view with pause option, live pointers, and
AR drawings from all participants (screen
share upcoming)
Screen share option of host screen to other
Integrated documentation with screen
grabs and HD-quality photos, OCR text
scan, chat history, media and report
No feature is available to keep track of
documentation, chat history etc.
File sharing through chat Only text and links sharing through chat
Focused problem understanding and
solving: average duration <10min
Extended conversations: average duration

How can the features offered on the BlinkIn platform help combat Zoom fatigue?

First and foremost: face-to-face is often overrated! 

From a customer service point of view, is there any benefit to looking at each other while trying to discuss a damaged parcel, a failing dishwasher or a stranded car? 

We think not! We would rather put the spotlight on understanding and resolving the actual problem at hand. 

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