BlinkIn @ ISH 2023: Connecting with Industry Leaders and Showcasing Next-Gen Technical Service

Image Credits: © VdZ Wirtschaftsvereinigung Gebäude und Energie e.V.

BlinkIn participated in the ISH Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, where the international sanitary, heating, and air-conditioning technology industry came together triumphantly with more than 150,000 visitors after a four-year break due to the pandemic. 

As a startup company focused on virtual tech support and service automation, we were excited to present our ready-to-use Visual Collaboration platform to the professional audience. 

We also showcased our future Self-Service platform, which utilizes an integrated hybrid AI & human assisted approach for technical support, a development co-funded by the European Innovation Council.

Being part of the startup community at the fair, hosted by VdZ Wirtschaftsvereinigung Gebäude und Energie e.V., allowed us to connect easily with like-minded individuals and businesses who are passionate about innovation and creating new solutions for the industry. The response from manufacturers and installers was overwhelmingly positive, and we received great validations for our innovative approach assisting in installation, commissioning and troubleshooting products.

We also had the opportunity to give a presentation on the next generation of service experience, the BlinkIn Visual Assistant, at the Fair’s Energy Hotspot. By connecting with industry experts at their companies’ booths throughout the week we were able to gather valuable industry insights on their daily challenges from the water-air-energy segment, e.g. reducing unnecessary truck rolls, speeding up case handling times, getting comprehensive intel on errors and claims, and taking their technical service expertise global, to name a few.

Overall, the ISH fair provided us with a great opportunity to pick the brains of industry leaders, expand our network, and connect with product experts from around the world for feedback. We look forward to the upcoming weeks of follow-up conversations and welcoming new partners on board.

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