BlinkIn invited to join Inn.Kubator Passau

BlinkIn has been selected to join Inn.Kubator Passau, associated with GZDN initiative, and to open an additional office in their space, partially sponsored by the Invest in Bavaria programme. 

Besides becoming part of a thriving new start-up community, Inn.Kubator Passau provides BlinkIn with support in many areas, including:

  • Meeting and common rooms
  • Coaching by BayStartUp (
  • Access to the start-up support of the University of Passau, IHK, HWK etc.
  • Contacts to science, business, chambers and politics 
  • Free 24-month membership in the Passau Economic Forum 
  • Connecting with the network of mentors, business angels and VC 
  • Networking with many Bavarian and international business incubators 

We’re grateful to the team at Inn.Kubator Passau for their great and friendly help in setting up shop there! 

About Inn.Kubator Passau

Inn.Kubator Passau is part of the network concept of startup center digitization. The facility offers young businesses from the digital sector the ideal platform to launch a successful professional life. 

Visit Inn.Kubator website:

Visit Gründerzentrum Digitalisierung Niederbayern website:

Visit Gründerland Bayern website:

About BlinkIn

BlinkIn specializes in web-based collaboration for visual and frictionless tech support between company experts and customers. The company was founded in November 2020 in Munich, Germany, with the goal of ‘Giving the World a Help Button’: empowering people to solve technical problems on their own using a visual assistant on their smartphones. 

Visit BlinkIn website:

If you would like to discuss your current service challenges, take a tour of the Inn.Kubator or just have a coffee with us, please reach out to

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